exhibit 51

Exhibit 51 is a fusion of a traditional exhibition space and a virtual art viewing experience. In consideration of different collectors' styles and schedules, we offer a variety of ways that collectors can experience, interact and bring art into their hearts and lives.

Whether you are new to the 'art of collecting art' or have been a seasoned and passionate collector for many years, you can connect and collect art in a way that suits you:

1) Make an appointment and stop by Exhibit 51. We offer a light-filled, contemporary space that offers a visceral art experience.

2) Whether you live next door or across the globe, visit Exhibit 51 via Facetime. We'll be happy to give you a virtual tour to view and chat about pieces you like or even ones that you may discover during the tour.

3) Schedule a custom studio tour (serious collectors or commercial businesses only) and visit with the artists in the spaces where the art is created. It's a great opportunity to meet the artist and have them engage one-on-one about available work, pricing, and their creative process. Please contact us for more details or to make an appointment.

4) Connect and acquire artwork online. We'll be happy to discuss work in detail and communicate all aspects of the acquisition process.

Please make an appointment before your visit.

We look forward to seeing you at Exhibit 51!