october 14 - NOvember 11, 2017


GUARDIANS was a breathtaking, 3 week collaborative exhibition by internationally acclaimed artists, Elodie Holmes and Enrico Embroli. This exciting body of work, conceived and created by these 2 masters for a period of more than year, unveiled at Exhibit 51 on October 14, 2017. Learn more about the 2 artists' collaborative journey below.

Much of the collection was sold and many commissions resulted from this exhibition. Stay tuned for Part 2 of this series....... 


Primitive Affirmation, Glass and Bronze Sculpture Collaboration, a Stunning Blend: Exhibition Review by Wesley Puulka, The Albuquerque Journal, Sunday October 29, 2017


statement of the work

Through the timeless nature of glass and bronze materials, Holmes and Embroli created sculptures that blur the line between modern art and ancient artifact. Masters of their craft, the artists skillfully and creatively interpret iconic symbols of humanity, expressing the precarious relationship between humanity and nature. These one-of-a kind pieces represent timeless, visual stories through a unique artistic vision, told passionately through the eyes of the 2 artists over the past year-and-a-half. The intent of each piece is to express the spirit of old-world cultures and their relationships with the planet and humankind. The GUARDIANS visually reflect this deeply-rooted connection, with an intent to inspire the viewer to be cognizant of the immense responsibility we have as humans to protect each other, the vulnerable, and our beloved mother earth. Brilliantly expressed through Holmes’s finely crafted, powerful glass figures and shapes and Embroli’s bronze masks, totems, figures, iconography and animals, the work speaks to our deepest emotions, both ancient and mysterious, yet remain relevant to our contemporary time and place. Each piece awakens our sense of responsibility and relationship with our fellow man in a world in which we are merely guests.


A Note about THE BOAT PEOPLE: Boats are a recurring and powerful theme in GUARDIANS -- literally vessels on water -- but the 3 ambitious pieces (shown above) symbolize a deeper journey through the seas of our collective unconsciousness. These bronze and glass collaborative sculptures are influenced by todays actual 'Boat People' who are displaced world-wide from their homes and countries and forced to become refugees for reasons out of their control. Holmes and Embroli have created these moving sculptures as a response to the reality of this crisis and the need to protect these people. Desperate Voices: The people in the boat are crackled, glass-stressed and fragile in their changing and precarious lives. The 2-faced oarsman with no oars depicts no guidance. Lost Voices: This Vessel is carrying the bones of the lost souls that never made it to safety. Forgotten Souls: This empty boat is beached on the bones of those that become lost in the turmoil of war and ethnic cleansing.


the collaboration & process

This collaboration by master artists Enrico Embroli (Embroli Studios) and Elodie Holmes (Liquid Light Glass) began merely as a concept and a 'what if' well over a year ago. Knowing and respecting each other's craft for at least a dozen years, their recent journey began when ideas and possibilities turned into experimentation, hours discussing concepts and time spent in each others studios between Albuquerque and Santa Fe. After dozens of conversations and pages of sketches, and as many prototypes, the work, commitment, and creation of this amazing exhibition was set into motion. 

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